Monday, May 30, 2011

#pw6 No Numbers

How will you make the assignment talk back?Image by dkuropatwa via FlickrMore than once this week, assess your students work without assigning a numeric grade or mark, comments only. Keep it simple, like a short quiz with 1-3 questions. Some advice for giving comments:

Comments should identify what has been done well and what still needs improvement and give guidance on how to make that improvement. (source)
 Give yourself  1000 bonus points if you keep a digital record of this weeks assessments (questions, student responses, and your comments) in a blog, wiki, podcast, or digital pictures on flickr. (You might want to make your students' work anonymous to the public in some way.)

After a week of doing this do you find you ask different kinds of assessment questions?

Did this have any impact on the answers your students gave?

Were there any changes in the atmosphere (culture) of your classroom?

Tweet, blog, leave a comment here or anywhere and include this tag in it somewhere: #wpedagogue

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