Monday, May 9, 2011

#pw3 Expand Your Active Area

A university classroom. (Jones Hall at Princet...Image via WikipediaPay attention to areas in the classroom you physically occupy most of the time. (Front of the room?) Conscientiously expand this to areas of the classroom you rarely teach from. (Back of the room?)

After a week of doing this do you find it less awkward moving into these "student spaces"?

Did this have any impact on your interactions with your students?

Were there any changes in the atmosphere (culture) of your classroom?

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  1. Darren, I've been focusing on the idea of space and design in the classroom. I like the reflective nature of this post - to get people to make immediate changes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Zoe!

    I know when I consciously move into spaces in the classroom I don't frequent it feels a little uncomfortable for both me and the students. When I persist, we push past that and I think we begin to connect in a way that helps me help them learn. I'd be fascinated to hear about other teachers experiments with something like this.