Monday, April 25, 2011

#pw1 Wait Time

Five YearsImage by Michael | Ruiz via FlickrEvery time you ask a question in class wait 5 seconds longer than you usually do. Count the seconds off in your head before continuing.

After a week of doing this do you find you ask questions differently?

Did this have any impact on the answers your students gave?

Were there any changes in the atmosphere (culture) of your classroom?

Tweet, blog, leave a comment here or anywhere and include this tag in it somewhere: #wpedagogue


  1. Hey, Darren, I look forward to seeing how this blog unfolds. Good one to start with, questioning is so important and powerful.

  2. Me too Mike. I'm hoping all of us together build a bank of models we can point to and learn from.

    Thanks for sharing the link around your corner of cyberspace. ;-)